The Roasting Process

When we decided to start roasting coffee, we had two specific goals in mind: To bring premium, fresh and locally roasted coffee to Russell and Russell Township, and to have high quality coffee that could be consistently roasted to the same high standards bag after bag.

Our personal values and morals transfer into our company as well. This is why we buy direct from farmers, focus on sustainability, and supporting our local community through volunteering and donations.

After hundreds of hours of research, visits to many coffee roasteries and chats with other roasters, we decided on a fluid bed roaster for our roastery.

Fluid bed roasting provides such a clean cup of coffee with terrific body and even better "mouth feel".

The Roaster

What’s a fluid bed roaster you ask? It’s an electric roaster that uses hot air to roast the green coffee beans. Think of it as a giant commercial level popcorn maker except for coffee.

Most coffee roasters use gas and a rotating drum to roast coffee. Drum roasters are good, but not without their drawbacks – the major one being the difficulty in repeating a roast and matching the same quality.

The other drawback is burning fossil fuels results in smoke that gets trapped within the drum and transfers the smoke flavour compounds to the coffee. This often leads to harsh tasting or even bitter coffee but not in our roaster!