The coffee you order from Chin Chin will be incredibly fresh and will be carefully bundled up in an air tight package complete with a carbon dioxide off gassing valve that lets carbon dioxide escape and keeps air out.  This will help preserve your coffee for a long time.  We recommend that you use our coffee within one to two weeks to enjoy the absolute ultimate in freshness. 

What happens after you open your Chin Chin Coffee bag?  Oxygen is the enemy of coffee freshness. For this reason, we recommend that you buy an air tight coffee container that has an off gassing valve.  You can get them on Amazon for between $20 and $30.  They will keep your coffee at its peak of freshness for the week that you want to use it.  

If you don’t have an air tight coffee container – fear not.  After you open your Chin Chin coffee, squeeze the air out of the bag then re-seal it.  This will definitely help extend the life of your coffee. 

No matter what you do – even if you leave the beans spread out on your kitchen counter – your Chin Chin Coffee is going to be waaaaaay fresher than any commercial supermarket coffee. 

How do we store our green coffee?  We have food grade, Canadian Food Inspection Agency certified 5 gallon drums with food grade and CFIA certified gamma seal lids.  These are the top of the line lids (three times the cost of the drums!) but they keep the green coffee at its absolute freshest.  Coffee stored this way can last up to 1 year.  

We won’t be storing roasted coffee because all of our coffee will be freshly roasted to order – no stale supermarket coffee here. 

One last word on coffee storage.  There is a lot of back and forth in the coffee community about freezing roasted coffee beans.  Some say do it and some say never do it.   The research we have done and the coffee experts that I trust say to never freeze ground coffee.  Ground coffee, when fresh, loses its peak freshness 48 hours after it is roasted.  Yup – 48 hours later.  Freezing ground coffee will guarantee that it will not be fresh when you want to use it.  

Whole beans can keep fresh for months when properly packaged.  Chin Chin says that if you must, go ahead and freeze whole beans but make sure you have a vacuum sealer to take out all of the air from the freezer bag and only use food grade, certified freezer bags that are air tight.