New Nicaragua Coffee Is Here!  Is it EVER good.

New Nicaragua Coffee Is Here! Is it EVER good.

Hey everyone!

Great news....we now have some first class coffee from Nicaragua that we purchased directly from the farmers!  Sustainably grown, hand picked, shade grown, traceable, high elevation grown, ethically sourced and no trees are ever cut down.  What more could you ask for in a coffee?  We sample roasted some this week and... WOW!!!!  Beautiful beans but best of all  - the flavour.  We have both the washed and the honey processed ones. We cupped several different roasts and will be selling the washed as a dark coffee and the honey as a medium - these roast levels really hilited the flavours of the beans.  

What flavours can you expect? 

WASHED: Caramel base, chocolate tones, well balanced clean finish and a touch of fruity

HONEY:  White chocolate, a little citrus, tropical fruit full body and such a beautiful finish. 

We can't wait for you to try these new coffees.  We will have them available in about a week.  Roasting is almost done and we have to let them off gas for about 5 days.  

Thank you for being a Chin Chin customer.  We hope we can exceed your expectations with every cup you drink.

Paul and Sylvie

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